Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Disabled Hiker, ep-3, LIFE IS CHANGE pt-8


It's usually around 12 hours before I have to start packing to go home that I really start savoring every moment. As the reality of returning to civilization starts to sink in, I start to realize that for the next few hours anyway, I have nowhere to be, and no rush to get there.

More often than not, I have no idea when the next time will be that I'll be able to slip away to the wilderness. It's usually during these last few hours I start to recall how at one time, I insisted on going on a backpacking expedition at least once a month and how I would so love to turn back the hands of time.

But that is not our destiny. Our destiny is to move ever forward.
And so for now I enjoy my last 12 hours on Indian time.


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