Friday, June 22, 2018

A MILE IN OUR SHOES (Documentary Film)

Two years in the making...
is a documentary film for those of all ability's.
Filmed in the beauty of the Delaware National Forest of Pennsylvania, the film follows the journey of three backpackers, all living with physical challenges who have come together to hike for the first time. The trail takes the trio over streams and through rock filled forest as we learn about the difficulties and what it's like to walk

“A Mile in Our Shoes”.


Thank you all so much for watching.

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TDH & USPF would like to thank the following individuals, organizations and businesses for participating in the creation of this film.

Special thanks to the backpackers who could not join us. 
Please know that our thoughts were with you as we traveled.
Lon Diffenderfer, Jenny Casey, and Omega Kimoto.
Producer/Director/Editor - Terry Craig

Narrator/Writer/Assistant Editor - Dave Deubler

On Site Interviews - Jason Hedrington

Director of Photography/Location Production Chief - Larry Deitch

Featured Backpackers -
~ Tracey Dimperio Lasslett
~ Shanna Parlock
~ TaSunka Wotagla
~ Terry Craig

U.S. Pain Foundation Liaison - Shaina Smith

Film Crew -
~ Larry Deitch
~ Jason Hedrington
~ Alan Markovitz

Logistical Support -
~ Kenny Mattes
~ Dawn Craig

Wildlife photography provided by,
Annie Anderson.
Stefanie Statler

Wildlife video provided by,
Charlee Breen.

Musical Contributions

☆ Brock Davisson
• Echo in the Valley (our opening theme)
• Vagrant
~ Fan Facebook:
~ Youtube:
* Brock's album, “Outtakes from the Soul,“ is available on CD Baby iTunes and Amazon.

☆ Gaelynn Lea
• Watch the World Go By

☆ Em Baker
• Stigmatized
• Concept For The Disabled Hiker

Other contributions to the project are as follows.

The Disabled Hiker bandannas were donated by
Peerless Printery of Easton, PA.

All natural insect repellent was provided by
Turtle Moon Health

The use of the cabin was donated by
Shawn Fernsler & Robert Fernsler, Jr.

Bear Spray for the film crew was donated by Omega Kimoto.

SD memory cards were donate by the following individuals businesses and organizations.

~ Geraldine & Julian Phillips... and Caesar.

~ Knock Out Pain Support Group.
Chronic pain support group for the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas.

~ Hope Marotto and Blush Cosmetic Enhancement Center ?

~ The Theriault family

~ Omega Kimoto

~ Kenny Mattes

~ Lucy Shepardson

~ Dawn Craig

TaSunka's training was courtesy of Mrs Beasley's Dog Training,
Bethlehem, PA.

Special thanks to Melissa Garon and the folks at The Wildergimp for the inspiration, advice, and support given to TDH over the years.

Special thanks to all who have given both their time and their compassion towards this project, as well as the adaptive backpackers who desired to join us but could not due to their health and/or situation of the moment.

Special thanks also to all the good people at U.S. Pain Foundation for all their support and kindness.

I would also like to thank my fellow backpackers Shanna and Tracey for joining me as we walked a mile in our shoes... and a few steps in each others as well.

God bless.
Terry Craig

Til next time... 
Be well and Happy Hiking!

Disclaimer: This blog, written articles, video presentations, and all content within are not intended to take the place of professional medical advice. Please consult your Doctor before making any changes to your treatment plan and/or changes to your exercise routine.

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