WHY     by Terry Craig

"Why" was written about the moment I realized I had become physically impaired and may never fully recover. Not like acceptance really, but more like anger at all the time I wasted in doctors' offices, or feeling sorry for my self, even at others for feeling sorry for me. I don't want that. I want folks to know that what I can do is more important than what I cant. And I hate looking helpless.

Even when I recorded the video clip for the vocals on Why, I used a lot of tricks to make it look like I was moving around just fine or something. You could never tell that if I took a few steps back and took off all the tech stuff, I was really supporting myself with two canes that day, after taking a bad fall a few days before.

The pain was so great I could hardly stand still. So I started thinking about the camera angle and restricting what you the viewer could see, and there you have it. So yeah, I put it to work for me. A few tweaks of the camera and  I'm a rock star again. (ha-ha)

I mean, I know I can be pretty boring to watch on stage, right?.... It's no secret. That's just something I just have to learn to work around I guess. But Listen up cause this is serious and it's time to face some facts here. That was just my foolish pride hamming it up for the camera. But living with disability is no joke. If you live with them you know what I mean. If you aren't disabled, don't be afraid to go out and find someone who is and give them a great big gentle hug, because God knows we need it. All of us do. So you'll soon notice we hug back.

As the Disabled Hiker, I'm here to tell you. I'm disabled, I'm not dead, My life isn't over, My life has simply changed.
And as you know, change is the nature of all things. So, ... Here I come.
Mitakuye oyasi (relations all)
~ Terry Craig ~ The Disabled Hiker.


Point Of View    by Terry Craig

Point Of View - click here for - Point Of View
This was a sad one for me. Dedicated to my first canine friend and beloved hiking partner, S'iyo S'unka (Lakota for Bird Dog). But it also has a temperance of joy in there as well, because we'll all meet again on the other side.
God's speed my friend. 


Sunday Morning Blue   by Terry Craig 

Most folks misunderstand this song thinking it was written about a suicide. That's fine though. Most folks interpret a song in using their own experiences.

The song was actually about the last time I had the chance to see a childhood friend. She suffered from epilepsy and was the point of ridicule and pear cruelty all the while she was growing up. And the medication she was on was no help, only serving to distance her even further by making her act a bit strange at times. 

As I too suffered from academic impairments, we always got along great. But sadly that last meeting was beyond words to me. So I soon wrote this song. Perhaps as a way to rationalize the strangeness of the experience.

I know who I met on the street that day was not the person I grew up with. It was what had consumed her in this life that I spoke with that afternoon. Sad as that may have been. 

She was a loving, caring, beautiful human being. And that is how I'll always remember her. And I still remember her every time I play this song.

Terry Craig ~The Disabled Hiker


Yuns'ka Unpo (Be Free)   by Terry Craig



 Frack Attack   by Terry Craig

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Words On Deaf Ears   by Terry Craig

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 Going Blind   by Terry Craig

Click here to listen too - Going Blind






 Birds Of Winter Song 

by Terry Craig & Shawn Fernsler

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