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Disabled Hiker D.I.Y. 

The Easy ON/OFF Pack Hanging System - For years I relied on folks to help me put my pack on my back. As fewer and fewer of my hiking buddies seemed interested in being held back by my physical issues, I started to dream up ways so I could be more independent and strike out on my own. One of the first things I needed to address was how I would go about simply putting my own pack on by my self. Although this idea was long in it's evolution, it has grown into a valuable and essential piece of equipment.



Super Candles

 For cooking, light, & heat.
As a disabled hiker I'm fond of finding items that serve more than one purpose. Recently cuts to my hiking budget have forced me to give up my chafing dish fuel. One of many single use items I've been having trouble parting with simply because it was easy and cheep. Well, it's no longer that cheep. So, I've decided to rethink the chafing dish fuels single-purpose utility in my pack as well.
Last summer I started experimenting with different ideas to combine all my fire needs. After all, having a fire can be a real pain for me. Fire wood gathering and breaking it up..... A pain is putting it lightly. And then how bout light at night. My tea-light candle lantern is light yes. But there again, it's another single use item. Pack items are optimal when having at least two purposes and even better is three. But let's face facts here. That's hard to do with many pieces of trail gear. And then of course there is the cooking fuel. Combine them all together and what did I get? That's right. The super candle.

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