Tas'unka's Trail

Hi my name is Tas'unka 

and I'm Terry's new hiking partner.

I came to Terry through the Save Our Saint's, St. Bernard rescue. According to my adoption records I'm a year and five months old in human years but I still have a lot of puppy left in me. The papers also reveal that I'm half border collie and half Burmese mountain dog. My vet told me I weigh 65 pounds and am in excellent physical shape especially for hiking. Whatever that is.

To be quite honest I don't understand what this "Hiking" thing is actually about. I mean to me it sounds like some kind of new biscuit that came with the Chinese food last night. Or maybe some super high social standing within the pack. High, King..... Hmmm. What could it mean?
In either case I'm told I will really enjoy it once it happens.

Terry keeps taking me for walks and drilling me to go this way and then that. While telling me it's all too prepare me for this strange unknown event that awaits us. But to be honest I think he's a little crazy. He keeps trying to teach me to walk backwards. I mean how crazy is that, right?
He tells me it's because of something called a snake..... What the hell is a snake and why do they insist that you walk backwards just to get to know them?.... Or did you know that Gee means right and Haw means left?  Neither did I......   Where does this guy get this stuff from?.... And why doesn't he just say left or right? 

Oh well. He may be strange but he's a good guy and he takes good care of me. So I guess I'll go along with this hiking thing for now.

Recently Terry got out something called a dog pack. It was big and blue and he said I could carry stuff in it. But it didn't look like any dog pack I ever saw. I mean come on. There was only one. I'd say the unwritten law here says you have to at least have three to have a Pack.
And then he put two bottles of water in each side of this thing and then strapped it to my back. I could hardly contain myself. I mean I almost had an accident laughing so hard.

I had to ask myself, did he actually think this thing was going to slow me down or something? It was a riot. I ran twice as fast as I usually do around the room just to show him what a silly idea this was.
Slow me down? Yeah that was a good one. (Ha ha.) 

At any 
rate the old man says we got to be ready by late May for our first hiking.
So I suppose no matter if I'm crowned King for the day, Or if it was just a lot of work for a Chinese cookie, I suppose I'll find out soon enough.
Hiking.... Hmmm. Between me and you I hope it's the cookie. :)

Terry tells me this is my page. So I'll be keeping you up to date here from time to time.

Tas'unka Watogla.
( Ta-shun-ka Wa-toe-gla, or His Horse Is Wild. )

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