Friday, December 19, 2014

The Disabled Hiker, ep-3, LIFE IS CHANGE, pt-1


A New Friend.


~ After more than a year, it's great to be back on the trail again.
Together with my new hiking buddy and trail dog TaSunka, I am determined to make up for some lost time.

Episode 3 was filmed over the course of two hikes covering the same territory. This was done in the hopes of bringing even more of my experiences into each episode than I had ever done previously.

The first trip took place in early September and is the basis for the narrative of this episode. However, the second hiking trip that I had scheduled with my good friend and cameraman Larry Deitch, was postponed for several weeks after my mother lost her battle with cancer.  By the time Larry and I were able to get out on the trail again, a month had passed. Putting us well into the October hunting season here in Pa.

Although my mothers passing was devastating, this seemed to only further solidify in my mind what was to become the working title while I continued working on this episode.  As indeed, all had once again proven to me that life is eternal change.

When filming past episodes, I was limited to what I was able to film on my own out in the wilderness. Even setting up the simplest of shots while on the move was an incredible burden. This method requires me to literally cover the same territory three times just to show you a single 20 second clip of us walking by with our packs on. As I'm sure you can imagine, there are times when I just could not pull this off on my own.

So when professional artist and photographer Larry Deitch offered to join the team and come along on one of my expeditions as a cameraman, I was a little self-conscious at first. I've always worked alone and as a naturally self-conscious amateur filmmaker and individual in general. I've always found a calmness when I am alone in the wilderness and interacting with an unmanned camera. I was afraid I would lose my nerve once somebody was standing behind that same camera.

Although I am still getting used to that feeling to some degree, it wasn't quite as bad as the butterflies in my stomach had made it out to be. And what Larry has brought to this project is priceless and proved to be a major contribution to this work.
Many thanks to my brother-friend Larry Deitch for his many contributions to episode 3.

And now, without further delay I give you part 1 of Life Is Change, entitled,  
A New Friend.


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