Monday, October 23, 2017

A Mile in Our Shoes (documentary film trailer)

Hi all.
I bet you've been wondering...
What's The Disabled Hiker been up to lately?
Well, I've been filming and now editing my latest documentary film,
A Mile in Our Shoes.
This documentary is about a group of adaptive backpackers who see backpacking as therapy for both the body, mind and  spirit.

Take a look.

This film has been in the works now for 19 months and counting.
And as I am dealing with a few health setbacks over the Summer & Fall seasons, I'm doing my best to get this film edited & released A.S.A.P.
Until then... please share the trailer with your friends and relatives.
I think you'll enjoy walking...
A Mile in Our Shoes.

A Mile in Our Shoes 
features music by...
Gaelynn Lea
Brock Davisson
Em Baker
and Terry Craig 


Thank you all so much for watching.

Please remember to

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Til next time... 
Be well and Happy Hiking!

Produced by: Terry Craig,

The Disabled Hiker

Assistant editor: Dave Deubler

Photos & video by: Larry Deitch,
& Terry Craig, 

Featuring music by: Mad Mme. Em

Due to the dangerous nature of filming while trying to survive in the wilderness, and multiplied by the physical issues I deal with on a daily basis,

Lost in the Woods is being presented as a simulation of compiled past personal experiences for the purpose of demonstrating techniques and skills associated with surviving a similar event.

Therefore, the producers of The Disabled Hiker would like to stress that the information contained within all parts of Lost in the Woods is meant for demonstration & entertainment purposes only.

Disclaimer: This blog, written articles, video presentations, and all content within are not intended to take the place of professional medical advice. Please consult your Doctor before making any changes to your treatment plan and/or changes to your exercise routine.

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