Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Disabled Hiker, Feeling Earth, Part-9

Episode 4, Feeling Earth

Part 9, Hanging around for Night Two

A few years after I started hiking, I switched out my tent for a hammock for the first time. For years after, on any hiking trip that was accompanied by exceptionally warm temperatures, I would immediately pull out the backpacking hammock and off I'd go.

Unfortunately, after my surgery, the gathered or whipped ends on the standard backpackers hammock turned this easy and lightweight alternative to a tent, into somewhat of a torture device by crushing my shoulders together and causing me added pain.

Looking to get back some of the freedom that my old hammock once provided, Warbonnet Outdoors LLC came up with the perfect answer to my problems.  ie, the Ridgerunner hammock.

Although there are no knots to tie when hanging the Ridgerunner, the height adjustment buckles could give some with hand and dexterity issues a few problems. But not to worry. I came up with the perfect solution with a little how-to segment entitled, Make a Ridgerunner Adjustment Key. This easy to make and attach tool will make adjustment of the Ridgerunner a breeze, while adding less than 3 grams to the weight.

Hammocks are one of the lightest and easiest ways to access the backcountry. So I am greatly indebted to the folks at Warbonnet Outdoors for helping to returning this wonderful freedom to me.

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