Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Disabled Hiker, Feeling Earth, Part-8

Episode 4, Feeling Earth

Part 8, Applying Nature to Nature


After developing an allergy to DEET, I found myself looking for alternative methods to deterring mosquitoes and ticks from turning me into a smorgasbord. Receiving my S.O.S., the good folks at Turtle Moon Health were quick to respond with an all-natural alternative that was child and pet friendly too. And without all the heavy chemicals that insect repellents often contain. 

After Turtle Moon Health saved the day, and having deterred the insect air and ground war for the moment, I turned my attention to a rather old and repeated request.

"How do you build a Rock Cairn Fireplace?" 

After featuring the Rock Cairn Fireplace in episode one, I'd had many requests over the years to demonstrate its construction. Unfortunately however, with only my hiking dog to help me, this demonstration seemed highly unlikely. But thanks to my good friend and one-man film crew, professional artist Larry Deitch, joined me to help move the stones and rebuild the Rock Cairn Fireplace on-site.

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