Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Disabled Hiker, Feeling Earth, Part 10

Episode 4, Feeling Earth

Part 10, The Human Quadruped

Few backpacking tools hold the status that walking sticks and trekking poles do with me when it comes to getting me back out on the trail again. But giving up my old set of walking sticks was no easy task. However, once I hit the trail with the Apex Trekking Poles by Outdoor Products, I started wondering if I would ever return to my old set.

Affordable and lightweight, there seem to be nothing the Apex trekking poles couldn't do that the more expensive models could. Except perhaps empty out your wallet of course.

But as a person that can suffer dexterity issues on extremely high pain days, I found a set of household kitchen items that can restore much of your grip on things again.

Wrapping up part 10 is a small feature on adjusting your trekking poles to the proper height. Proper height adjustment can make all the difference when traversing the ups and downs of many wilderness trails.

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