Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Disabled Hiker, Feeling Earth, Part-7

Episode 4, Feeling Earth

Part 7, The Earthing Earthling


Due to my spiritual beliefs, I think I've always known about earthing. Partaking in the traditional Inipi or sweat Lodge ceremony, the healing powers of the earth were not a matter of debate but a proven fact among my traditional teachers.
Insulating our feet and body from the ground has done wonders to help keep us warm. But these insulative materials have had a serious side effect as well. Such as blocking the electronic and magnetic field of the planet from reaching your body. A field that is now known to have both healing and pain relieving qualities by the scientific community.
Doctors are unsure of how it works. But they also cannot refute the evidence that the Earth's electromagnetic fields seems to have a direct effect in reducing pain levels in many chronic pain patients, and enhance the mood and overall psychological outlook in many others.
However, when combining earthing with music... It can easily double the effect by emotionally helping to soothe that angry, raging beast within. But this is only one of the reasons I came up with The Disabled Hiker Musical Spotlight. There are a lot of wonderfully talented people out there living with handicaps. And some of them just can't help but to create art in all its many forms and despite how bad things can get.
Therefore it is my sincere hope to help shine a spotlight on at least a small portion of these beautiful people who are often dismissed as handicapped or disabled, and therefore useless. But despite this presumption, my fellow artists and I would like to point out that we are living proof that we are artists and people first and above all else.
The handicap thing... it's just life.
So join me as we listen to the first installment of The Disabled Hiker Musical Spotlight, with my friend Mad Mdm. Em, of PLIKE Music, with a song from her first album (47th Helen) named, Lucy.
You can purchase the song Lucy, as well as other music by PLIKE Music, at the following link.

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