Saturday, January 7, 2017

Lost in the Woods, Part 2.

Morning Coffee with a Coffee Cretin

A review of
Trader Joe's Pour-Over Coffee
Rain or shine ... through rain, sleet, and hail ... you'll always find one item tucked in amongst my most essential gear.
That magical elixir of the bright eyed and bushy tailed...

That aromatic siren of the exhausted, hung over and searching...
That which calls to both the wild in the civilized inside us all ...

So when a good friend, Diane Olans, sent me a packet of Trader Joe's Pour Over Coffee, it went right in the bag.

 When hiking or backpacking there are definitely items that you find yourself packing that you can only define as "comfort gear". That is, those items that you could surely live without, but choose not to due to their ability to make life all the more pleasant, even in the most uncomfortable of situations.
But coffee has a few surprises up its sleeves to. Besides having the ability to warm you from the inside out and combating hypothermia, coffee can be useful when treating minor headaches and even migraines, 
used as a first aid measure for asthma attacks, 
and as a very effective emergency clotting agent for open and bleeding wounds. Oddly enough, people who have used it as a clotting agent also note that it has some pain relieving abilities as well.

So I guess you could say, coffee has a lot more uses than meets the eye, nose, or mouth.
 So without further delay... 
 Part 2 of Lost in the Woods.
Morning Coffee with the Coffee Cretin.

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