Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Disabled Hiker, Feeling Earth, Part-1,

Episode 4, Feeling Earth

Part 1, A Long Hike In

Its so great to be back.

Part 1, A Long Hike In (The 1st Half)
Join me as I begin episode 4 by embarking on yet another backpacking trip with my dog TaSunka and a pack full of new, Disabled Hiker friendly backpacking gear, trail advice, and much more.

Besides the usual antics of TaSunka and his little friend in the opening credits, part one begins with TaSunka and I being dropped off on Ashfield Road, in Slatington PA, near the Appalachian Trail, to begin yet another episode of The Disabled Hiker. Despite the chronic pain, depression and anxiety, I continue to do my best to hold onto and reconnect as often as possible too the one thing that brings the most piece to me. The wilderness.
And so begins part one of Feeling Earth, A Long Hike in.

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