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 The Disabled Hiker, eps-1, Video Library


Greetings Disabled hikers and Innovative Thinkers.

After my hiking dog S'iyo (She-yo) was diagnosed with a terminal heart condition. I felt it necessary to take a hiatus to care for my faithful hiking companion. Sadly he lost his battle with his condition 
this past January 13, 2014. 
S'iyo played a big part in allowing me access to the wilderness as both protector and companion. Knowing how much he loved our hikes together I could not imagine hanging up my hiking equipment for good. No sir. He never would have wanted that for sure.
Therefore in the spirit of remembering the good times past as well is anticipating the ones yet to come. I've begun the process of reediting episodes 1 and 2 (ie; the S'iyo episodes) into shorter clips creating a video library so that the information can be more easily accessed.

Episode 1 and 2 can still be found in their entirety at the following links.
The Disabled Hiker (eps. 1.)
 The Disabled Hiker (eps. 2.)

And now here for your viewing pleasure and In honor of fallen companions.
Episode 1 of
The Disabled Hiker, parts 1 thru 7 

The Disabled Hiker, shorts from eps-1, part-1. * Intro to Disabled Hiking.
is just a short introduction to not only my dog and myself but also gives a bit of insight into my packing list and the weight each item adds to my pack. Keeping it light is essential.


The Disabled Hiker, shorts from eps-1, part-2* Rules for the Disabled Hiker
touches on a few of the basic considerations when planning your outing. It's important to be safe out there yet at the same time not leave loved ones behind worrying about where you got to or when you'd be back.


The Disabled Hiker, short eps-1, part-3,  
* The Rock Cairn Fireplace & * A few words on Bear Spray.
* The Rock Cairn Fire Place is a method of using flat rocks to not only protect the environment from the fire spreading but also protects the fire from wind and rain. It also promotes a more responsible fuel consumption by using a smaller amount of wood and allowing the heated rocks to do most of the work. oh yea, and of course by simply scattering the ashes and putting the extra rocks back in this method also protects the environment from those big ugly and over used fire pits found in almost every prime camp site across the land. (except the ones we keep secret that is aye.)
* A Few Words On Using Bear Spray gives a little insight into some info you might not find just hanging around the trails and hiking sites.
Be careful out there but for Pete sake get out there and enjoy the wild places.


The Disabled Hiker, short eps-1, part-4
* Pain management, *Hiking Companions, *Trail Safety & Comfort.
*Pain Management is a very difficult subject for me. On all fronts. So i would like the present video to speak for me on this subject. And to simply tell anyone seeking "pain management" for extreme long-term pain that I wish you luck in your search.
*Hiking Partners covers the main reason why you should never hike alone. Anything can happen. Just by taking your dog with you it is adding a level of alertness to you on the trail as when you are worried about the next step you are taking. The last thing you want to worry about is walking unknowingly right up to a bear or worse down a steep hill. Think your "mutt" wont be smart enough? Think again. Even if they aren't Lassie or  RinTinTin you'll be amazed at their ability's
*Hiking Safety and Comfort covers some tricks I've learned over the years for both man and dog aimed at letting wildlife from as large as a bear to as small as a snake know you are near. Allowing them plenty of time to get out of the way cause your coming threw. - It also covers ways to keep your dog comfortable while hiking. Especially in the cooler months or when hiking with an older dog.


The Disabled Hiker, short eps-1, part-5 
* Bear Encounter #963 & the Birds That Laugh At You.
Shortly before dark a large black bear came right up to the edge of our camp before he noticed S'iyo and I were sitting there. He surprised us just as much as I only herd his last few footsteps at the edge of camp. For their size bear are incredibly stealthy. In fact some Indigenous tribes here used to call them ghosts because they were famous for seemingly appearing out of nowhere.


The Disabled Hiker, short. eps-1, part-6
*S'iyo's Sleeping Bag.  *My Hammock Pros & Cons.
*S'iyo's sleeping bag became a necessity after seeing S'iyo shivering on our second hike together. It was an unusually cold summer with night teps that went down into the high 40's. At the time I opened up my bag and used it to blanket the both of us. But as usual my experiences get my mind going and the next thing you know, you have S'iyo's Sleeping Bag.
*My Hammock Pros & Cons focuses on one particular experience I had when using a hammock without putting up a tarp over it. Allowing wildlife to get a little closer than I would have liked.


The Disabled Hiker, short. eps-1, part-7 * My Home Made Stove & Cooking Set.
As my last installment in episode 1 I've had decades to "mess" with this one folks. (Pun fully intended. Ha-ha) But when it comes down to it, I don't like to cook out there any more than I like to cook at home. So why would I take my misery with me aye?
That's when I stared taking foods with me that I did not need to cook and even some I'd found that I could eat both raw or simply roasted over a flame. This cook set also allowed enough hot water capacity to heat 2 cups of water for those dehydrated meals you can purchase (Some have asked about that second tin cup..) But you will need another heat source to heat the second cup synonymously.


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